How Does The Airstream eSTREAM Work?



The Airstream eStream electric travel trailer is powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. A smart, all-electric chassis and advanced sensors are standard features of the eStream, which is changing the RV industry. This digital interface is easy to use, and its self-propelled motors, Alexa-enabled technology, and self-propelled motors make it unique. It’s time to bring the future to the present with the Airstream estream electric trailer.

eSTREAM: Who Owns It? 

Airstream manufactures the eStream. Byam founded Airstream in the 1930s and established a factory in Culver City, California in 1931. As Airstream has been manufacturing travel trailers in Jackson Center, Ohio, since the 1950s, the company is still making them today. Thor Industries was founded by Thompson and Orthwein in 1980 as an alternative to Airstream.

About Thor Industries

Thor Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of RVs with over 40 years of experience. In the decades since Airstream acquired its RV brand in 1980, numerous other brands have been acquired. In Elkhart, Indiana, Thor manufactures Jayco, Tiffin, Dutchmen, and Heartland products. From luxury Class A motorhomes to small travel trailers, the company manufactures all types of recreational vehicles.

How does Airstream eSTREAM work? 

It is important for RVers today to take safety, convenience, and design into consideration. You can stream with the eStream in no time at all. Thanks to digital tools and smart home technology, towing and camping have become easier and less stressful. Road Pass Digital helps owners plan their routes and optimise their vehicle’s range. Using an app on their smartphones, tow vehicles can connect to the eStream. No more backing up. Just a swipe of the finger is all it takes to move the trailer remotely.

In addition to being fuel-efficient on the road, eStream’s electric drivetrain improves performance. These motors help reduce drag on the towing vehicle. This vehicle’s smart chassis and lithium batteries enable it to achieve enhanced gas mileage and towing range, giving you more time to enjoy your travels. As long as one travels less than 300 miles, it should be possible to reach their destination without stopping for recharging. The app allows you to remotely setup your eStream at the campsite. Your weekend camping trip is now ready.

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