Tips for preventing pests when rv winterizing



When you’re done with RV winterizing, any one of these repellents will do the trick, and by combining a couple or all three you’ll be even more effective. In addition, you should take other measures to protect your RV from critters.

Cover & plug holes

A rig that isn’t accessible to pests can’t be invaded. Therefore, making sure all possible entry points are covered or plugged up is always a good idea. Mice can fit through small gaps around the size of a dime. For maximum security, cover vents with mesh and plug all holes and gaps with fiberglass. The following year, when winterizing the rig, check for tight plugs and covers.

Don’t leave food in RV

RVs are popular among pests because they provide food. If you remove the food, mice and rats have fewer incentives to enter. Winterizing a rig means removing all food. Even canned foods should be removed from the freezer, since they can freeze and bust. 

All clean

Before you put your RV into storage, do a deep clean. Remove all bedding and furniture covers and wash them. Vacuum the carpets and clean the floors under and behind furniture and under slides. Food crumbs and pieces hide in cracks and crevices, where they might invite unwanted guests. 

Under the rig, install bright lights

Last but not least, many RVers have seen success in preventing rodents from living under their rigs with bright LED lights. Rats and mice don’t like bright lights. Well-lit rigs are less likely to have them look under yours for entry points. Batteries can operate LED lights, and they don’t heat the RV under the bed. These lights should be easy to set up.

RV winterizing requires pest prevention. It’s relatively easy to keep rodents out of your RV by taking a few simple steps. After spring comes around, you’ll have more time to spend outdoors camping!


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