3 Full time RV myths busted!



It is possible to delay or give up on pursuing full-time RVing due to doubt and fear. Uncertainties of all kinds stand in their way. Is RVing expensive? Do you think this is the right choice for my family? There are so many questions to ask. There is a lack of clarity in this cloud of apprehension. RV myths abound that are simply untrue.

Myth #1: RVing is an expensive hobby

You are the only one who can make the difference. Depending on how you do it, RVing can be extremely expensive or extremely frugal. If you choose the wrong rig, you may have to pay a lot of up front costs. You can, however, greatly reduce the up-front cost by opting for a used or older unit. A long stay at each location means fewer trips to the fuel station, which can save you money on fuel. Boondocking and discount camping memberships can make camping cheaper than strictly staying at campgrounds and RV parks.

Myth #2: RV life is constant travel

You won’t find a better adventure than RVing! It sounds like a constant vacation to travel the countryside, visit famous sites, explore new places, meet people from all over the world, sample delicious cuisine from different regions, and watch the sun rise and set over some of the most stunning landscapes in the world! It has its ups and downs, like everything in life. 

Myth #3:  RV travel is only for retirees.

It has historically been considered a reward to travel the country at a leisurely pace after living a productive life. Increasingly, however, there are full-timers whose motivations differ from those of that particular demographic.

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