A Go Power guide for beginners



Are you considering switching your RV to solar power? A lot of people who want to save money choose Go Power products. There are a few reviews we don’t like, however, which makes us hesitant about using them.

Go Power – who is it?

Power accessories, solar chargers, inverters, and controllers are all available from Go Power. They are standard in new RVs manufactured by companies such as Jayco, Forest River, and Tiffin.


Solar components from this company make remote camping easy for RVers, boaters, or anyone else who wants to go camping in the mountains. The products manufactured by Go Power are installed on trucks to power liftgates, test equipment, tools, and other electronic devices. Generators and idle vehicles are no longer necessary with Go Power products.

Where does Go Power manufacture its products?

A popular series of Go Power products is manufactured in British Columbia by the Canadian company. In order to meet the demand for its products, the company has factories around the world. From 1996 to present, the company has provided solar and mobile power solutions in North America.

Go Power is owned by whom?

From 2017 to now, Go Power has made several acquisitions. Dometic acquired Valterra Products on April 22, 2021, which owned the company initially. A Dometic transaction involved the purchase of Valterra Products as well as Go Power.

How good is the brand Go Power?

An upgrade should be invested in to ensure it works when you need it. Our primary concern with Go Power is their inconsistent customer service and inability to stand behind their product despite the many positive reviews it has. 

Battle Born Batteries, Victron, and Continuous Resources are excellent companies to consider if you are looking for companies with excellent customer service. As well as Victron equipment, Battle Born Batteries offers Victron batteries. Directly from the manufacturer, you can get an entire electric system, which can ensure you’re getting the right equipment.

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