Airstream Debuts Smart Control Technology



The Airstream crew is at it again! In the past few years, Nest has been followed by Basecamp X and now Smart Technology. As of 2019, the Classic has been equipped with an application that allows owners to view key information about their Airstream from their mobile devices, allowing improved access to the internet in remote areas as well as enhanced key information regarding their Airstream. This application has been available to owners since January 2019. That’s really impressive!


With the 2019 Airstream Classic, owners will enjoy unparalleled connectivity, comfort, and control through a comprehensive digital system. It has been announced that Airstream, the innovative manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailers, has included its Smart Technology in its 2019 Classic models, which allows owners to connect to their RVs digitally and enjoy camping in a more enjoyable manner.


Airstream has developed and produced the first integrated Smart Technology solution ever developed and produced by an RV manufacturer, and it is the first of its kind in the RV industry. Airstream’s new platform will transform the way customers interact with and utilize their recreational vehicles based on extensive consumer research and the opportunity to lead the industry.

According to Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler:

There are many aspects of our lives that have been improved by digital technology. Camping should be improved as well, shouldn’t it? Yes, we think so. Our Airstream Classic travel trailers are the first to feature Smart Control Technology and connectivity solutions in keeping with our commitment to innovation. 2019 Airstream Classic owners can take advantage of the Smart Control Technology in order to control and monitor all of their features and amenities from anywhere in the world. Making sure they’re always connected to home, even when they’re far away. With an intuitive app, you can control and monitor lighting, HVAC, awnings, vent fans, water, propane and battery levels – making camping more comfortable.


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