Are RV holding tanks easy to empty?



The purpose of this article is to guide you through the steps necessary to empty your RV’s holding tanks. Keeping the black holding tank closed for as long as possible will ensure that the chemicals inside the tank can break down the solids and toilet paper inside the tank as quickly as possible. By emptying the tanks, you will be able to evacuate them more efficiently because solids and toilet paper will build up more head pressure.

NOTE: When you go camping, it is recommended that you bring RV toilet paper instead of traditional toilet paper in case you need to use it. RV toilet paper tends to break down faster than traditional toilet paper while in holding tanks.

  1. You will need to take the following steps to empty your RV’s holding tanks:
  2. As long as your black tank remains closed, no debris will build up in the tank and you will have a much easier time flushing it as the chemicals in the toilet can break down the waste in the black tank.
  3. Using your clear hose attachment, remove your black tank cap and place it on the outside of the tank.
  4. If you have a clear hose fitting, connect it to your hose and release residual water through the hose fitting.
  5.  Your gray tank’s water valve should be open when the black tank is empty to allow debris from the gray tank to escape and help you clean your house.

As soon as the gray tank is empty, close all valves, disconnect the hose and pack it up.

It might be a good idea to invest in a flush valve like the Flush King if you want to keep things cleaner. Solidified waste in holding tanks can be easily disposed of with these devices. The product will help you if you are having trouble emptying your RV’s waste tank despite filling it up.

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