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What are your options if you are interested in selling your Class C RV to Thor Industries USA? We welcome your questions and concerns. RV buyers are interested in any Thor Industries USA RV. When you buy an RV from a customer, we offer a great deal. Our RV inspector will do a quick inspection. Upon negotiation of the sales price, we will accept Thor Industries USA Class C RVs anywhere in the United States. You can also rely on us to take care of all your paperwork.

Thor Industries Class C RV

Motor Coach offers Class C gas campers appropriate for weekend getaways, long vacations, and even month-long road trips. A top that is light and small has aluminium roofs and sidewalls that are welded together, vacuum roofs, foam insulation in the walls and floors, and a windshield that is all one piece. A storage compartment provides extra storage space. During your trip, you will have access to a variety of amenities, such as stainless steel appliances, kitchen appliances, onboard entertainment, vinyl flooring, and more.

We can give you all the information you need about Class A/B/C RVs if you have any questions. Call RV Buyers at 713-201-7285 or email us at sales@rvbuyers.com.

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With RV Buyers, you can trade in Thor Industries Class C RVs and earn a lot of money. There is no better place to trade in Thor Industries Class C RVs than RV Buyers. Among the brands we offer are Coach Monaco, Fleetwood, Coach Entegra, Phoenix, Lazy Daze, Nexus RV, Coachmen RV, Dynamax, and many more.

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