Bathroom-free RVs



Having no bathroom in your RV trailer saves space. They reduce maintenance costs. Lightweight trailers are more efficient. It is therefore more fuel-efficient due to its lower payload.

1. CampKat Trailer

They are also descended from Meerkats. A lightweight trailer can be customized and come in a variety of sizes. Compact and innovative. Parking is easy with 11 feet. It weighs 880 pounds. Towable with any standard car. This camper has a shorter interior height than others. A full-size mattress is on each side. LED lights make this lighting eco-friendly and efficient. The solar panels only need to be mounted. Also included are batteries. Storage boxes and cabinets can help manage space. There are many ways to customize a family trailer.

2. Vintage Overland Great Escape

The Vintage Overland Great Escape trailer sleeps two comfortably. It simplifies camping adventures. An affordable RV with many features. Two people can fit in the Great Escape. It includes a kitchenette, rear hatch, and storage. 12 foot trailers can be parked anywhere. Handcrafted hardwood interior door. LEDs inside and outside. The powder-coated body and frame last longer. For comfort, there is a vent and a fan. Trailers with rear hatches feel spacious. For small groups camping, a tent can be added to your setup. Travel trailers without bathrooms are my favorites.

3. T.E Lawrence

Lawrence of Arabia inspired the trailer. Compact, towable design makes it easy to maneuver. The interior is quite spacious, despite its small size. Weather-resistant anodized aluminum. Long-lasting and water-resistant. Birch wood cuttings give it a spacious feel. There is also a queen memory foam mattress. Adding tents to extend the living space is possible with LED lighting. The solar panel reduces energy costs. It’s rare to find solar panels on trailers. 12 feet is its length. Small families will appreciate its 900 pounds. Storage boots, LED lighting, and bug screens can be customized.

4. Aliner Expedition

Aliner Expedition is a great family-friendly travel trailer. Its design differs significantly from others. White Fiberglass protects the outer shell from heat and water. Weather protection is better. The rear bed is full-sized. The front bed is smaller. The utility light is LED-based. There is a small shower and toilet outside the trailer. 11-gallon freshwater gallon. It has three electrical outlets, a sink, refrigerator, and microwave. For its size, this is a luxurious trailer.

5. Braxton Creek Teardrop Bushwhacker 10FB

Four people can sleep comfortably in it. Its lightweight design makes parking easy. Luxurious options make it stand out. With a simple interface, a 5000 BTU air conditioner is built-in. As a result, you’ll sleep better during hot summer nights. An exterior kitchen is accessible through a hatch. After each meal, I don’t need to clean the interior. There is a range, sink, and 12-volt cooler in the kitchen.

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