Best home base for full time Rving



RVers generally choose three states as their home bases as their full-time residences. Check out these popular picks and discuss why they are so popular. 


RVers spend most of their winters in Florida, where they take care of important tasks related to their domicile state during the slow months. In addition, Florida does not have a state income tax, and from an umbrella school standpoint, homeschooling laws are relatively lax. Many theme parks and cruises offer discounts to residents with Florida residency, and vehicles need not be inspected. Insurance rates are also low.


There are many people who spend the winter in Texas, which makes it convenient to handle important business. There is no state income tax in this state, and insurance rates are low. It has the most relaxed homeschooling laws of all states. While Texas requires annual vehicle inspections, this is something you do not have to have until you eventually return to the state, should you be gone whenever the time comes for your inspection.


Last but not least, there is South Dakota. South Dakota isn’t a place people return to every year because of its weather or attractions, but many people enjoy traveling here fairly regularly to take advantage of its benefits as a home state. South Dakota has some relaxed homeschooling laws, and you do not pay income, inheritance, or personal property taxes. It is not necessary to inspect vehicles, and registration fees are very reasonable.

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