Best practises for taking dogs on vacation


Pet travel may sometimes be difficult. Here are some of the greatest advice for pet owners travelling by RV.

1. Get to Know Your Local Vet

It’s crucial to monitor your pet’s health even while you’re away, whether it’s for annual maintenance or a sudden issue. It is strongly advised that you have the phone number of a local vet in each place you visit when you travel with dogs. You should also keep track of the medical treatment your dogs get in your RV. Prior to departing on a longer journey, you should also get your pet examined by your normal veterinarian.

2. Animals Require Their Own Space

When you’re on the road with dogs, even the largest RVs appear to seem a little smaller. Nevertheless, you should set aside a room for your pet. Your pet’s bed, food, and toys should be kept in this location, which should also be accessible to you. By giving your pet a familiar, cosy spot to hang out, it may also assist you in maintaining a more organised living environment.

3. Adjust to Temperature Changes

Animals’ bodies might make it challenging for them to adapt to temperature fluctuations. When the heat wave hits, make sure your pet is well-hydrated, and don’t be afraid to turn on the air conditioner. In chilly weather, your pet could benefit from a heated bed or blanket. In general, dogs shouldn’t spend a lot of time outdoors in temperatures that are uncomfortable for them.

4. Food purchases in bulk

Everyone does not want to run out of food and have to travel hundreds of kilometres to the closest store. Additionally, you should purchase pet food in bulk and keep it dry and clean inside your RV, ideally in a container with a cover to keep pests out.

5. Recognize local laws and regulations

Even though your pet certainly wants to go about freely, you may not be able to let it. When you’re out and about, pay attention to your surroundings (no one loves pets). Learn about the leash regulations in your area and follow them at all times. In addition to checking location-specific websites, you can also learn where your pet will be accepted by visiting neighbourhood social media groups and online forums.

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