Best RV Power Cords For 2022



Especially when you’re connecting a vehicle to an electrical connector, you shouldn’t skimp on quality. An RV power cord must be well-insulated and able to withstand the outdoors in all kinds of weather, in addition to connecting your RV to the campground’s power outlet. Cleanliness and storage are equally important-as is safety. Checklists for RV cords should include high visibility cords that reduce the risk of injuries from trips and falls, as well as designs that lessen the dangers of electric shock.


Each of these RV power cords has unique characteristics that make them highly recommended across a wide price range. The cords we chose are 25 feet long and rated at 30 amps for ease of comparison.  Longer cords are available from some manufacturers. Additionally, RV-specific extension cords are available. When it comes to campsites, you may deal with 30 or 50 amps, depending on the site. Our one cord works with both 50-amp and adapters (and comes with a dedicated 50-amp cord), but it doesn’t require an adapter. 

Dumble 5630

A basic, high-quality RV power cord, the Dumble 5630 is made from high-quality materials. Indicator light, grip handle, and twist connector are features of this product.  A marine-style 30-amp female connection is also provided, along with two straight blades.

Weekender by ParkPower 30ARVD30

Wide handles and LED indicator lights ensure a watertight seal on the Weekender, which features two LED indicator lights at each end. The bright yellow color makes it easy to see both on the ground and at low light levels. Warranty coverage is provided by ParkPower for three years on the Weekender.

Leisure Cords 226871

Adapters for female connections are included with Leisure Cords 226871, which features molded-in plug and connector ends. There is a green LED light that indicates there is power. No matter how cold it gets, the cord is designed to be flexible.

Camco Power Grip 55501

There is no price attached to Camco’s 5501 RV power cord. It is designed to meet a standard, not to be affordable. Copper wiring is used in this cable, as well as a sheath that is supposed to resist fire and heat. For weatherproof connections, it features a threaded locking ring and an adapter for easy male-to-female connection conversion.

Conntek 14435

It may be possible to store and potentially lose separate adapters, but adapters are one more piece to store and potentially lose. An RV pedestal’s 30-amp output connects to an RV’s 50-amp plug with the Conntek 14435 RV Power Cord.

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