Burning smell in the kitchen or bathroom


Having rotten eggs in your home is never a good thing. There are a lot of reasons why your RV smells like that. If you smell something strange in your fridge, check for rotten eggs first.

Rotten eggs are probably not a problem because you wouldn’t let them sit out for long enough to rot. It’s worth looking into both other potential culprits, even though they don’t involve eggs.


Fuel can be made from propane. By adding a stinky smell (like rotten eggs or skunk spray) to propane, which doesn’t have its own smell, you can see if you’ve got a gas leak. If your rig smells like propane, you need to air it out right away.

Once you’ve evacuated the rig, find out what’s causing the propane smell. There might be a leak in the RV, which needs to be fixed right away. You should also check your propane cylinders to see if they are filled to the top.


Another possibility is your water heater. If you smell rotten eggs when you run the water, you might have this problem. Those nasty smells are caused by anaerobic bacteria growing in some water and reacting with the sacrificial anode rods in RV water heaters. The smell isn’t pleasant, but it won’t hurt you. To fix the problem, you need aluminum and zinc anode rods. Make sure the anode rod is replaced after you clean the system with hydrogen peroxide.

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