Campfire safety tips for your dog


It is important that your dog listens to you when you are on a camping trip with your family. It will be a strange environment for both of you. So, making sure you have the control to get your dog to listen to you can be something that will protect them from any danger that may befall them on the adventure. It’s nothing to worry about, however. Before going camping, your dog should know a couple of simple commands.


Generally, your dog should be able to recognize five of these commands by the time he is a puppy. The following are these commands:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Drop it

By following these commands, you can prevent your dog from picking up anything or going anywhere he shouldn’t go, which will prevent a possible life-threatening situation.

The importance of camping trips, and how to prepare for them

The perfect activity to do with your dog is camping, since it is an activity that will stimulate their physical and mental well-being. It can prove to:

  • Make your dog’s bond stronger
  • Increase their trust in you
  • Provide them with physical and mental stimulation
  • Exhaust their energy
  • Prevent boredom

It can be a calming, memory-filled experience to hike and camp with your dog. Your dog must be taught five essential commands before going camping: sit, stay, come, leave it, and drop it, so that they can stay safe. The following five basic commands will help your dog during your special trip and will protect them in many cases. Get your dog out there and experience some outdoor fun now that you know how to prepare for camping trips with your dog!

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