Camping activities that shine


Are you hoping to find something a bit more special than a campfire? Games that glow may be advantageous to your group. With these games, you’ll be able to get up and walk about even when it’s dark.

The Flashlight Tag

People of all ages will enjoy this game, which is played at night and combines the excitement of tag with hide-and-seek. There are many different methods to play this game, but the primary objective is to hide and avoid being seen by the spotlight.

Find bright eggs.

Not only at Easter can you go on an egg hunt. Whatever the season, there is always something enjoyable about a lighted egg search. This game requires many plastic eggs to be played. Prepare each egg by putting a tiny glow stick inside that has been triggered. One player should conceal the eggs before letting the other players go in search of them.

Play the game as much as required until everyone is worn out or the light sticks stop shining.

Using a glow-in-the-dark bowling ball

Another fantastic pastime is glow bowling, which uses light sticks. Although this activity requires some planning and preparation, the amount of enjoyment you may get from it makes it well worth the time.

This game involves a ball, six light sticks, and six empty 2-liter drink bottles. When you are ready to play, arrange the bottles into a triangle like a set of bowling pins (minus the rear row). Put a glow stick with batteries in each bottle. Each player rolls the ball toward the pins, and they are urged to knock as many of them down as they can.

Shadow Puppets

Additionally, you may put on a display with any light you can think of. Shadow puppets are a lot of fun and don’t need a lot of setup or preparation. Making puppets with a flashlight is possible behind an RV or tent. Examine the possibilities for making creatures using various forms, or use paper cutouts to create more complex puppets. You may be surprised by the entertainment value of this pastime.

The sensation of stargazing

One of the best things about leaving the city and entering the wilderness is the night sky. Stargazing is especially delightful in the woods because there is less light pollution, which makes the stars and moon seem to be much brighter. Bring a telescope to see the stars up close, or get a book of constellations and attempt to recognise a couple. No matter what you do, you will be in awe of the beauty of our cosmos.

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