Can American Coach RVs be sold quickly?



Despite a flooded market of copycat RV brands, American Coach stands out as the best. As a result, we are committed to maintaining the trust of our most discerning customers. Our agents will go see your RV right away if you contact RV Buyers and want to sell it. After your RV has been inspected, a representative will pick it up and pay you right away. As well as the paperwork, we are responsible for all of it.


Call or text our US RV Buyers group at 713-201-7285, or you could even email us at sales@rvbuyers.com.

How are American Coach Class A RVs different?

Luxury brands can be defined by three characteristics, regardless of whether they make watches, crystal, fashion, or motor coaches:

  • The materials
  • Mastery of craft
  • Leaving a legacy

The parts and technology used by American Coach are of the highest quality. Its manufacturers’ reputations therefore depend on the components and processes they use to make their products. American Coach is unique in a few ways.

  • Adapted chassis

A motorhome base was created by Freightliner Custom Chassis in collaboration with manufacturers. The ride is extremely smooth because of the sturdy construction. As a result of its distinctive design, it also boasts some of the largest pass-through storage areas ever seen in an RV.

  • I-Beam Architecture

Rather than being made up of three pieces, steel girders are molded in one piece, making them stronger and more durable.

  • Huck’s Bolts

These bolts, considered the most reliable aerospace fasteners, have been subjected to extensive research to determine their strength and vibration resistance. Approximately twenty percent longer fatigue life is also achieved by these fasteners than by other fasteners.

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