Can canvas be painted on pop up campers?



Popup campers require a lot of maintenance and should not be neglected. If you have an older popup camper that needs freshening up, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Some people debate whether you can paint the canvas of a popup camper, despite everyone knowing you can paint your popup camper.

A canvas tent differs from the rest of the camper because it is made from a different material. Tents, marquees, sails, shelters, backpacks, and any other item requiring durability are made of canvas. It will also provide tips on how to re-energize your popup camper.

Canvas paint on popup campers?

Yes, without a doubt. It’s important to consider a few things. A popup’s canvas cannot be painted with just any paint. 

You can paint your popup camper canvas by following the below steps
  • Get it clean. Wash the rag with soapy water. In this way, you can paint on a clear, clean surface.
  • Dry it thoroughly after cleaning. Make sure it’s dry.
  • Put your paint on now. Small amounts of acrylic paint and a standard brush are required. It remains flexible if moderately used.
  • Do not touch the paint until it has completely dried.


Popup canvas colors to consider

A couple of factors must be taken into account when choosing the color of your popup’s canvas. You should get as close to a match as you can if you intend to paint it the same original color. To see how it would look when dry, purchase a sample and try it on the canvas. The canvas of your popup camper should be retouched when it is only a little worn. When repainting the entire canvas, this preparation is less important. When you paint over the original color with the new hues, your main goal should be to avoid any weird reactions. You can always paint the canvas a darker color if you intend to paint with a different color. A darker color is effective at hiding faded fabric, so this is the easiest option. A canvas can be restyled using colors like crimson, blue, and black.

It will be much more difficult to paint the canvas of your popup camper a lighter color. Before the old color is no longer visible, you will need to add quite a few layers of new paint to your popup camper’s canvas, if you intend to paint it a different color. When painting with a lighter color, it is recommended that you use a clear coat to help seal the color in. Doing this ensures that when the entire popup camper’s canvas is painted, the lighter colors become more bright and vivid.


Refresh your popup camper with new paint

You may not be able to shine your popup camper with elbow grease, soap, and a bit of pressure washing every time. Sun exposure and harsh weather conditions do not spare popup campers from fading. Your popup camper can look great by getting a fresh coat of paint every now and then. Your popup camper will also be protected from rust by an updated paint job. Your popup camper can be painted in one day if you work quickly.

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