Can I Run The RV Generator While Driving?



As long as your RV generator is on, driving your RV is entirely safe, and you can run all of your RV appliances while driving your RV. The RV’s conveniences may make you and any passengers on board very happy, even if it is not the most fuel-efficient way to drive your RV. You should know a few things to ensure you won’t encounter any problems.

Propane generators may be prohibited from being used while driving if state or local laws prohibit them. It may be illegal to run propane or carry propane on board certain roads, bridges, or tunnels in certain jurisdictions. Generators use the same gasoline that RVs use to fuel their engines. If the generator is gasoline-powered, you should ensure that the gas tank is full before driving with the generator running. The generator will automatically shut off if the fuel tank drops below 1/4. A safety feature prevents you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere without gas. This feature aims to ensure that all fuel in the fuel tank is not used up just for powering the generator.

While driving, why should the RV generator run?

While driving, your motorhome generator can serve several purposes: generators power rooftop AC, refrigerators, microwaves, electric water heaters, and TVs. Additionally, you may have to run some or all of these appliances while driving. 

RV generators are often used to run the rooftop and dash A/C simultaneously. In class A motorhomes, this is particularly true. If you are not connected to shore power, you will have to use your RV generator to power the rooftop air conditioner in your RV. The rooftop AC needs to be run for the following reasons:

  • Extreme heat may prevent the dash AC from cooling the RV.
  • Keeping your passengers comfortable in the RV’s back may be necessary.
  • You can run the rooftop AC to stay cool in mountainous areas by turning off the dash AC.

RV owners debate whether propane or electricity keeps the fridge colder. It depends on your refrigerator. RV generators can also be used to keep RV fridges cold.

Usually, fridges start with electricity and then switch to propane if there is no electricity. To keep your fridge cool on a hot day, run the generator while driving if your fridge cools better with electricity. Otherwise, setting the fridge on auto will decide which power source to use.

You might want to run the microwave while driving, which is a minor reason to run the generator. If you need the microwave for this purpose, run the generator while you are using it and turn it off afterwards.

Lastly, it is necessary to run a generator if passengers on board wish to watch TV or watch a movie while driving, as well as a DVD player if you intend to watch a movie while driving along.

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