Can I travel with my RV across the Canadian border?



Identify yourself correctly

If you are an American or a permanent resident, please bring one of these: 

  • A passport
  • Document of Birth
  • Naturalization or citizenship certificate
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • Identification document with a photo (like a driver’s license)

Driver’s licenses and state identification cards don’t qualify as primary identification. State identification isn’t a substitute for federal identification. Obtaining a state ID and privileges as a non-citizen or permanent resident is allowed in some places in the U.S. from a legal standpoint. State issues do not apply to crossing international borders. A minor, someone who uses their middle name rather than their legal name, and other complicated situations require this level of documentation. 


Make sure everyone in the car seat, including the three-month-old, has their paperwork. Most border crossing problems result from the little things. Some people get frustrated because of the long line because they forgot their birth certificate or animal paperwork.

Goods that have been declared

Any goods you plan to leave in Canada must be declared. The BSA officer should know about any presents you have gift wrapped for your loved ones. However, if your toy hauler’s garage contains your trade show items, you must declare them.

Inspecting the secondary level

If you are crossing an international border, the BSA officer may ask you to pull over for an inspection. Keep calm, follow instructions, and let them do their jobs. Don’t let this interruption ruin your plans for the next few days and weeks.

Substances under control

At the border, duty-free shops are an appealing place to stock up on tax-free items. Alcohol and tobacco are subject to duty (taxes) in Canada.

  • Two standard bottles of wine, or 53 fluid ounces
  • One standard bottle of liquor, or 40 fluid ounces
  • You can bring up to 24 bottles or cans of beer or ale
  • One carton of cigarettes contains 200 cigarettes
  • The cigar box contains 50 cigars
  • 200 grams of manufactured tobacco (7 ounces)
  • Sticks of tobacco: 200 sticks

Duty (tax) may be due if you import tobacco or alcohol outside of these limits. It is illegal to smoke before the age of 18. There is a drinking age of 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, but 19 in other provinces.

Goods that are restricted or prohibited

Goods must be declared at the border in a variety of ways. A firearm, weapon, vehicle, food, plant, or animal (possible health risk), and consumer product with safety labels must all be reported.

Unless you have a permit, you cannot import ammunition, explosives, or fireworks. Canada has many gun shops and other places where you can buy everything you need for a hunting trip with your RV. Besides, hunting permits are required anyway. Canada Border Services Agency’s website outlines all the restrictions, requirements, and expectation

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