Can You Reset A Camper Refrigerator?



It is essential to have a refrigerator in a camper. Nevertheless, camper refrigerators are prone to malfunction and require maintenance. You can reset a camper refrigerator by following these steps.

Level The RV Before Parking It

If you want to repair the refrigerator of a camper, it is recommended that you park the vehicle on a level surface first. Before resetting, it’s safer to be level and stopped so that all moving parts and vulnerable components are protected. To find the plugs and buttons, it may be necessary to move the fridge around.

Locate the Reset button

As soon as the camper is stopped, the reset button can be found. There is usually a reset button on top brands of refrigerators, such as Dometic, but there are also fridges that don’t have one. Resetting the refrigerator usually involves pressing the reset button and following the on-off procedure. Manual reset can be tried instead if no button is present.

Reset manually

By unplugging and reconnecting the refrigerator, you can perform a manual reset quickly. Unfortunately, this solution is only effective sometimes in fixing the underlying problem that caused the fridge to malfunction. Almost all fridges have a “Refrigerate” button. A fridge reset can be initiated by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds.

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