Can you tell me why boondocking is so popular?



Boondocking is not without misconceptions. Boondocking has many meanings. Free RV camping comes in many forms. Boondocking types compared and contrasted. Some RV terms are pretty funny.

Is Boondocking Legal?

If you follow the rules, boondocking is legal. Any action must be consented to. You can’t just show up and set up camp. Moochdocking and lotdocking require permission. Reservations are not needed for boondocking on public lands. You can only camp in designated areas and stay for 14 days.


Many resources are available online to help you find great boondocking spots. Increasing RV popularity is leading to a rise in boondocking accommodations. A few good lodging websites include FreeRoam, Allstays, and Campendium. Federal lands are also listed on Recreation.gov. Also available is lotdocking by OvernightRVParking.com.

Which Type of Boondocking Is Your Favorite? 

Location is everything when it comes to boondocking. There is no restriction as to where you can park your RV. It is more like a stopover than a purposeful destination when moochdocking or lotdocking as opposed to boondocking. You can also learn how to do boondocking from them in addition to familiarising yourself with your RV. Despite the fact that all of these services are free, they do not incur any charges. RV living is characterised by a sense of freedom due to each of these factors.

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