Cheap heat system gives you the best of worlds



Fall and winter are the months when full-time RVers need to prepare for the winter season. There is a wonderful propane furnace inside most RVs that keeps them warm and toasty. Propane heat is without a doubt invaluable when it’s cold outside and you’re off the grid. Isn’t it great if you could run your furnace on electricity if you are hooked up to the electrical system of an RV park? Your existing heating system can be used in conjunction with RV Comfort Systems’ Cheap Heat System. Your furnace can run on propane or electricity depending on where you are, depending on the switch you flip.

The advantages of a cheap heating system

The Cheap Heat System offers a number of benefits, in addition to being able to choose between various heating fuels, that would make it a very worthwhile addition to an RV heating system:

  • Having the option of switching from propane to electricity means you can stay warm if you run out of fuel.
  • There are many areas where propane prices are higher than electricity prices.
  • In comparison to propane heat, Cheap Heat is quieter because burner noise has been eliminated.
  • The redundant safety features of Cheap Heat make it safer than propane-fueled heaters.
  • Installing in most RVs is easy for an RV technician.
  • Using a propane heater is safer than using a space heater, which often leads to RV fires during the winter.

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