Cleaning your motorhome’s outside?



You can clean your motorhome or campervan using the following tips. The first step is to start with the roof. Using this method will prevent drips and streaks from ruining your project. A cloudy day without wind or rain is also best for preventing streaks left behind after the van has been dried. You can also clean one side completely before moving on to the next by washing, rinsing, and finishing the first side completely. Clean water should be used to rinse clothes regularly to remove dirt.

  • With your ladder, begin on the roof. You might be able to get help holding the base if you ask someone. Pipe lagging or insulation can prevent motorhomes from slipping.
  • Rinse the area and gently scrub it to remove dirt. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find warm water, you aren’t doomed.
  • You can use your general motorhome cleaner on the brush to clean the roof in smooth strokes. The dirt and marks can be lifted by applying some pressure.
  • Reaching too far may cause you to overbalance. You may need to move the ladder as necessary.
  • You can rinse the motorhome with a hose or bucket. It is recommended to use warm water whenever possible.
  • If dirty water or grime remains after the first rinse, clean the solar panels or obstacles again.
  • Additionally, make sure the awning’s top and sides are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Sides should be cleaned in the same manner. A soft brush or microfiber cloth should be used to clean each panel, followed by thorough rinsing. After letting the cleaner sit for at least 10 minutes, mop, brush, or sponge it off.
  • Make sure all motorhome storage boxes are closed or removed.
  • Make sure all the windows in the cab and the hab are clean. Wipe it off with a microfiber cloth once it has been cleaned with a sponge or mitt. Once the glass has been cleaned and shinned, Rainex should be applied.
  • The best cloth for drying is a microfiber cloth. It’s better to go big! If natural drying is used, streaks may appear.
  • Brake damage can be prevented by cleaning your wheels with an appropriate cleaner.
  • With a wheel brush, clean between the spokes after applying the wheel cleaner.
  • The polish will have a shiny finish and be easier to clean. It is recommended that the solution be applied with a mop or cloth that is flat. A spray that repels algae can also be used to overwinter.

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