Consigning an RV: few facts to know



Choosing the best way to trade in your RV can be difficult if you plan to do so. Only after experiencing RV shipping do most people realize how challenging the process can be. RV shipping may not be your best option if you want to sell an RV quickly. Consignment involves giving ownership of your RV to another party while keeping ownership if this is your first time selling an RV. Phone calls, appointments, and financing are usually handled by this third party. Historically, RV owners have faced many obstacles along the way, simple as it may seem. It’s amazing how difficult, expensive, and frustrating RV shipping can be for RVs. Learn about RV shipping before you sign a contract.

Hidden shipping costs:

You can make money selling your RV without spending any money. The cost of an RV you buy on consignment may exceed your expectations. You can lose money when you sell your RV due to hidden costs that add up over time. Losing a percentage of the RV sale price is common for consignment services. The exact percentage varies from company to company. You should also take into account the additional costs involved in consigning your RV.

It is possible to incur hidden costs when consigning an RV, which can negatively impact your bottom line. Consignment RVs may require you to store them yourself before they are sold. You will need to store an RV until it is sold if you are storing it. If you ship at a slow time of year, you may incur additional storage costs for a period of time. Professional photography, staging, and deep cleaning can add up over time. Before you put your RV on consignment, you’ll need to pay for any necessary repairs. A loan, insurance, or other red tape can also add hidden fees to your RV shipment.

RV shipping prices vary:

With RV consignment, the value of your RV is in the hands of the buyer. In most cases, you’ll be able to determine the lowest price you’ll accept, and you’ll also likely sell your RV for that price if you sell it on consignment. Even RVs with the highest resale value can be sold on consignment for much less than their actual value.

Logistical nightmares associated with RV shipping:

An RV consignment service operates on its own terms. Some dealers will keep your RV until it is sold, while others will keep it on their lot. Therefore, both are challenging and can cause logistical headaches. When you store your RV yourself until it’s sold, you need to be available to give potential buyers a tour. If your RV is in storage, it can be particularly difficult to organize it at times that are convenient for you. Consignment companies that store RVs need to take additional considerations into account. Do some research on the lot’s security measures, security measures, and RV coverage to ensure the safety and coverage of your RV during your stay on the lot. How will the RV shipping company handle repair costs if the RV is damaged on their lot?

Additionally, you’ll need to prepare your RV for showings, which requires logistical considerations. At all times, it will need a thorough cleaning and cosmetic repairs.

Shipping RVs can take time:

RV shipping can be quite frustrating if you want the process to be over as soon as possible. This is because your RV cannot be sold until the right buyer is found. A slower season can make this process take longer.

Alternatives to consignment of motorhomes:

RVers who want to sell their RVs quickly and easily often sell to RV dealers who buy used RVs. Dealers understand the value of RVs and are able to purchase them in a timely manner. To trade without worries, headaches, or hidden costs, contact a reputable RV dealer when you’re ready to sell your RV.

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