Crossing the Canadian border with a camper


First, describe the ideal circumstance for entering Canada. The next thing we’ll do is divide the procedure into manageable chunks. You may use this in the future to help you remember the context.

You must update ArriveCan on your mobile device, and you must bookmark the page on your computer.

You and others who are travelling do the COVID-19 exams, and ArriveCan receives the findings. Everyone must be vaccinated two weeks prior to travel, regardless of immunization status.


  • Fill up the ArriveCan application. If you test positive for COVID-19, there is a strategy for quarantine. The Canadian government will allow quarantining in your RV.
  • Make sure to provide the confirmation code you received on the ArriveCan app to the BSA officer at the border.
  • Visit the Canadian Border Security Agency’s website for a detailed list of the criteria.
  • Verify the accuracy of your identity papers. You cannot use your state’s driver’s licence or state identity card to enter Canada.
  • You will need to buy two kits per person if you want to utilise the COVID-19 home test kits at the border.
  • As you stand in line to enter the border, be prepared with your COVID-19 home test kit.
  • Make careful to adhere to the BSA officer’s directions at the booth. Show the BSA officer your confirmation code using the ArriveCan app. You must provide them your identifying documents for review. The officer will next give you instructions on how to finish the home testing kit while they are there. Give them the sample once it has been sealed.
  • The ArriveCan app will let you know the outcomes in 72 hours. After getting your findings, adhere to PPE rules by wearing facemasks, for example. In either case, enjoy your journey.

These are the current criteria as of July 5, 2021. Both essential employees and non-essential visitors to Canada with legal justifications must abide by these rules. On July 21, tourism should be permitted entry into Canada. At any moment, the Canadian government may alter the procedure or the deadline.


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