Deep Cycle Battery Guide



Deep cycle batteries can be recharged and charged several times. A deep cycle battery supplies continuous power rather than a quick burst, such as starting a vehicle. They do not have ratings to start a car, truck, motorhome, or bat, unlike cranking amps or cold cranking amps. Deep cycle and cranking batteries are combined in dual-purpose batteries. I’ll write about it separately.

Four types of deep cycle batteries are discussed.

  • Lithium Ion

Electrons move between the cathode and anode of lithium batteries to generate a charge. A battery of this type is able to be recharged more quickly and discharged almost completely without causing damage. The weight of a lead-acid battery is about half that of a lithium battery. Considering all these features, they are a great RV battery for boondocking.

  • Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

To deep cycle lead-acid batteries, distilled water is used as a transfer medium. Keeping each cell charged requires monthly topping off. Lead-acid batteries can be overcharged or undercharged since they are recharged in stages. In most cases, house batteries are the least expensive option because they can be recharged many times. Lithium and AGM batteries tend to last longer than lead-acid batteries.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

The electrolytes pass through fibreglass between the plates in this type of battery. It is maintenance-free, takes no distilled water to maintain, and is faster to recharge than lead batteries.

  • Gel

AGM batteries are similar in that they don’t need to be maintained. For electrolyte transfer, sulfuric acid and silicate gel are used. The charge speed of gel deep cycle batteries is very slow, since they do not emit gas. Wheelchairs and scooters use these batteries.

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