Diesel-powered motorhomes and campers



In recent years, diesel heaters have become increasingly popular among vanlifers, especially as gas has become harder to come by and more expensive. Diesel heaters for campervans are commonly made by Eperspacher and Webasto. Consider installing one of these heating systems if you plan to use your motorhome frequently. Many cheaper models are available on Amazon and eBay, usually from the Far East, but since their names are constantly changing, it is impossible to determine their reliability. A good reputation is essential when choosing a broker. If your heating system is poorly constructed, carbon monoxide leaks can kill you in your sleep.

Do diesel heaters consume a lot of electricity?

There are three types of motorhome diesel heaters: two kilowatts, five kilowatts, and eight kilowatts. It is usually installed in motorhomes, caravans, and campervans, which are smaller in size, as the 5kw model provides a great deal of heat. If you want, you can also get a system with a diesel tank, which prevents the fuel tank from being accidentally drained. When fuel is drawn from the main tank of your vehicle, you can save weight and space by using a system that feeds directly from it.

Is there an electric heater in campervans?

I agree with you. Electric heating is common in vans. Electric heaters that are plugged into a wall socket are also available in addition to blown air heaters. A freestanding radiator that is filled with oil can keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Many years of service were provided by them on the boat. They may not be suitable if you drive all day and stop late at night, since they don’t heat up the space quickly. Additionally, they consume and drain a lot of energy.


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