Different types of DIY kayak racks


Designs for kayak racks come in many different sizes and styles. It is ultimately up to you to choose a style of rack that suits your requirements and tastes since there have been many different rack designs throughout the years.

Consider the size and class of your RV when picking a design since they will affect where the rack may sit. When selecting a design, it’s crucial to bear in mind your personal constructing expertise. Depending on how at ease you are using certain equipment, DIY kayak racks can be more appropriate for your skills.

Kayak Racks that Rise

Kayaks are often kept vertically in RVs, which is a pretty common practise. This homemade kayak rack’s design is excellent since it enables you to keep your kayaks in the back of your vehicle, where they won’t take up any room. As the name suggests, the vertical kayak rack allows you to position your kayak rack vertically.

Adaptable Cargo Racks

RV owners who wish to bypass some of the technical aspects of installing a rack have a lot of options, including the converted cargo rack idea. You might use an old cargo rack or baggage rack to store your kayaks. You may already have one of these in your RV, but if not, you can purchase one used and save some money. You’ll need to modify the luggage rack you choose to boost the stability and security of your kayak configuration. Similar to how you installed the vertical kayak rack, you will mount a modified cargo rack on the rear of your camper.

Roof Railings

Roof racks are generally compatible with RVs and may be mounted almost anyplace. Whether your RV is a little Class B or a huge Fifth Wheel, you can add a roof rack to keep your kayaks safe and secure.

If your car doesn’t already have a roof rack, you’ll need to create a bespoke frame. Since welding would be necessary, many RVers might feel this to be too technical for their informal lives. However, it may be a highly useful way to carry a kayak if the correct materials and design are employed.


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