Do RV drivers need a CDL?



CDLs are not required to drive RVs, but no one can definitively answer that question. It depends on what kind of RV you own and where you live that determines what RV licence you need. To comply with the law, a CDL or special licence could be used in the following examples.

How can I find out what types of special licences are available?

Prior to discussing what kind of special licence you might need, we’ll go over what types of licences are available.

  • R Registration: Cars without this type of licence are not allowed anywhere else except New York. This license is required by the Empire State for recreational vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 pounds. Your state’s DMV can inform you whether this license is required.
  • Commercial: To operate RVs, you do not necessarily need a driver’s license. However, you should check with your local DMV before proceeding. A Cruise America RV rental does not require you to obtain this license!
  • No commercial: Licensing for noncommercial activities may be required in some states. The state of California, for example, requires Class B licenses for the operation of certain recreational vehicles. Prior to beginning your road trip to California, you should have a valid RV license.

It’s time to decide what kind of license you will need for the RV trip of a lifetime!

Licenses are not required for Cruise America.

Starting with Cruise America’s C-Class motorhomes, let’s take a look at their RV offerings. Taking a road trip with the family is easy with a Cruise America Class C RV because it is easy to drive and operate. It is the most famous characteristic of RVs with overhead cabins that a portion of the RV can be fitted directly over the driver’s seat. Class C motorhomes and campervans can be rented from Cruise America without a special license. The only requirement is that you must be over 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license and credit card. Due to its easy operation, lighter weight, and shorter length, this is the case.

If you rent with Cruise, you’ll receive free insurance as well! Because overnight rates elsewhere are quite expensive, this benefit is a major plus for RV trip budget planning.

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