Do you know if Coachmen RVs are safe to buy?



There must be something good about RVs made by Coachman, right? If you would like to know more, you have come to the right place. Using user reviews and multiple coachman models, we have compiled an unbiased guide. There is a general consensus that Coachmen RVs are good quality and reliable. RV models play a crucial role in our decision-making process. Before you buy a Coachmen motorhome, make sure you read this guide.

What is the quality of Coachmen RVs?

Coachmen motorhomes are unique in the sense that no two are alike. It seems as if the models are made by different companies due to their extreme differences. The design, features, and reliability of many of their models are highly recommended by users. Other Coachmen models are almost unanimously criticized for shoddy workmanship, leaks, and numerous other issues. Coachmen is not a “good” or “bad” brand in general. It depends on the model you buy. Researching Coachmen RV models is imperative if you are planning to purchase one. To get an accurate picture of the quality/reliability of a model you are interested in, check various websites for user reviews.

It matters who you buy from.

Most user reviews share a common theme. About half of the complaints relate to the dealership, not to Coachmen. Unreliable and sleazy dealers may deliver run-down Coachmen RVs that break within a week. Customer complaints and repairs are equally unreliable with many dealers. RV problems may prompt your dealer to ask you to fix it. There have also been complaints that cases have been passed between the dealer and the coachmen without progress.


The good news is that you can buy from reliable dealers. The choice of a coachman dealer is similar to the choice of a coachman model. For this, Google reviews and BBB ratings are helpful.

Ask your dealer

Discover what your Coachmen RV dealer provides as far as warranties, what they cover, and what they don’t. If there are any problems, ask them how they will fix them and how long it will take.

The Coachman motorhome guide

When you are asked, “Are coachmen RVs any good?”, you now know what to say. It would also be helpful if you pointed them in the right direction instead. Please save this guide so you can share it with others who might be interested in Coachmen motorhomes.

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