Does consignment make sense for RVs?



People commonly sell their RVs on consignment for a variety of reasons. Maybe they didn’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the RV. They may also live in a rural area where finding clients is a challenge. Only those who need to sell their RV immediately can use this method. The chances of an RV being noticed by a consignment dealer with more foot traffic and marketing resources are greater. As a result, the coach is more likely to receive a good offer. After you deliver your RV, the dealer typically consigns it for one to three months. Within this timeframe, your RV is expected to sell. Depending on how long you are willing to wait, this method may be right for you.

Your RV will be advertised and shown to potential buyers as soon as it is in the possession of the consignment dealer. You will only hear about them when they have deals on motorhomes or travel trailers. After deducting the commission from the sale price, you will receive the money.


Now that you know why RVs are consigned, you may be wondering what the reasons are. With RV shipping, you don’t have to handle advertising, inquiries, or showing your RV because it handles everything seamlessly. Most people prefer not to have to deal with all of these things, even if they lose a small percentage of the sale. Even if you lose a little money on consignment, you can sell it for more on consignment than you would otherwise. The dealer has access to a wider audience than yours. Buyers in need of financing can also be considered as the dealer can handle the financing. Quick RV sales are the goal of dealers. You will spend more time doing it yourself than a dealer. As a result, they can sell it faster and for a higher price than you.


The benefits of shipping outweigh the disadvantages. You must pay a commission when consigning your RV. Your pocket can be lighter if you sell it yourself. Getting RV shipping insurance is a good idea, but that’s more money wasted. Cleaning and preparation will also cost extra. Lack of knowledge about RV consignment sales can also cost you a lot of money. While under contract, you cannot sell your RV anywhere else. Therefore, it is impossible to accept a better offer elsewhere if you are offered one elsewhere. If you want to do business with the buyer, you must direct them to the dealer. Finally, while your RV is consigned, you will not be able to use it. When you sell your RV, you can’t take it out one last time. It will remain at the dealership until it is sold or expires.

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