Does my Dometic RV fridge have a problem?



Among the leading manufacturers of RV products is Dometic. This company offers refrigerators for mobile setups and RVs. Gas absorption appliances are noiseless and consume less electricity. Also available are electrical models. A compressor refrigerator is a great alternative to batteries.

Malfunctioning Dometic RV fridge:

Dometic RV refrigerators can fail for many reasons. You can check out a few things yourself rather than hiring a professional. You can save money with simple fixes. Dometic RV fridge control boards malfunction frequently. Start by checking these. A multimeter can be used to test them. It may be harder to replace a control board than to fix it. Your fridge may not receive power if you have a tripped breaker box. Any electronics problem should start here. Your equipment may need a breaker flipped or a fuse replaced. RV refrigerators have a back access panel on the side. Check out the refrigerator’s parts by taking off the plastic cover. Sulfuric yellow buildup indicates a serious issue. When your cooling system leaks ammonia, it cannot cool. To confirm that power is flowing correctly, use a multimeter if there are no obvious reasons for the problem. All electrical connections should receive 120-volts or 12-volts. This type of test identifies compromised connections.

You should have a professional inspect your system if you are uncomfortable with electricity or do not know how to use a multimeter. You shouldn’t mess with the RV’s electrical system without knowing what you’re doing. As well as causing further damage, you can also electrocute yourself.

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