Does my RV qualify for Canadian border crossing?


Identify yourself correctly

If you are an American or a permanent resident, please bring one of these: 

  • A passport
  • Document of Birth
  • Naturalization or citizenship certificate
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • Identification document with a photo (like a driver’s licence)

State identity cards and driver’s licence do not count as main identification. Federal identity cannot be replaced by state identification. Obtaining a state ID and privileges as a non-citizen or permanent resident is permitted in several regions in the U.S. from a legal viewpoint. Crossing international boundaries is exempt from state concerns. A juvenile, someone who uses their middle name rather than their legal name, and other problematic circumstances need this degree of proof.

Ensure that all passengers in the vehicle seat, including the three-month-old, have their identification. Most border crossing troubles stem from the minor things. Some individuals get irritated by the lengthy queue because they neglected to bring their birth certificate or pet documentation.

Merchandise that has been declared

You need to disclose any items you intend to bring into Canada. Any gifts you have wrapped for your family members or friends should be disclosed to the BSA officer. However, you must report your trade show products if they are in the garage of your toy hauler.

Inspecting the secondary level

The BSA officer could ask you to stop if you are approaching an international border for an inspection. Remain calm, adhere to directions, and let them do their tasks. Your plans for the next few days and weeks shouldn’t be ruined by this disruption.

Goods that are restricted or prohibited

Various procedures must be used to declare goods at the border. A consumer product with safety labels as well as a firearm, weapon, vehicle, food, plant, or animal (potential health concern) must all be reported. You are not allowed to bring firearms, explosives, or pyrotechnics even if you have a permission. Canada is home to a large number of gun stores and other stores where you may get everything you need for an RV hunting vacation. In addition, hunting licences are necessary in every case. The website of the Canada Border Services Agency lists all the constraints, specifications, and expectations.

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