Does the eSTREAM Really Park Itself? 



The owner still has to use the app to operate the eStream even though it has a remote control function. The eStream does not automatically set up when you push a button. Using the app, you can unhitch, back up, maneuver around trees or rocks, and place the eStream exactly where you want it.

As a result, you can position the eStream quickly and easily if you wish to watch a beautiful sunrise in the morning. In addition, you can change the position of the eStream with the app if you plan to eat dinner while watching the sunset from the front windows. Getting hitched up, backing up, and maneuvering tight spaces are no longer hassles.

The eSTREAM offers additional features

The electric drivetrain and remote control feature certainly turn heads. The features listed above are not the only ones worth mentioning. You can speak commands to Alexa via intelligent voice control if you are an RVer looking for innovative technology. You will feel at home with this technology, despite not being necessary to the camping lifestyle.

The digital interface is another key feature. There are a number of tools RVers can use to keep track of how much energy they are using, how much energy they have stored, and how many miles are left before the next charge. Despite being a game-changer for RVers who dry camp often, this might not be relevant for weekend trips to a local campground.

Lastly, solar panels can generate enough electricity to last up to two weeks. Your solar panel roof generates power for your trailer while you’re hiking, biking, fishing, or visiting local towns. Boondockers’ travel lifestyles will change again if they are able to go anywhere.

eSTREAM: When Will It Be Available?

The release date of the eStream units is unknown at this time. RVers are eagerly awaiting their arrival to the market, whether patiently or not. Since travellers want these technological advancements, you can expect the eStream to sell quickly.

In their efforts to create a trailer that leaves a smaller footprint, Airstream and Thor are applauded by many environmentalists. There can’t be a release date soon enough, regardless of the timeline.

Electric RVs may be the future of RVing 

RV manufacturers have been focusing more on protecting the environment in recent years. There’s no stopping Winnebago when it comes to electric RVs. With better technology for added safety and convenience, RVing will be more environmentally friendly in the future.

The last thing anyone wants to do is back into a tight campsite four times while the neighbouring campers are peering at you, smirking and staring. Is there anyone who wouldn’t enjoy being able to select the perfect spot for their travel trailer with a remote control? Additionally, Airstream seems to focus on creating comfortable and convenient camping spaces for RVers beyond the “cool” factor.

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