Dometic refrigerator not cooling 



If your Dometic RV fridge doesn’t maintain consistent cooling, make sure it’s level. Gravity keeps Dometic gas absorption refrigerators cool. Your refrigerator might not be as accommodating if your RV is not level.

To function properly, Dometic refrigerator condenser fins need a lot of airflow. A refrigerator’s components can be circulated by adding fans. The refrigerator will stay cool longer when you do this in hot climates.

Make sure your refrigerator isn’t overloaded. To cool down your fridge, allow air to circulate. You may need to replace your fridge if none of these solutions work.

Can I reset my Dometic RV refrigerator?

Dometic refrigerators typically come with a reset switch. Compressors are found inside some refrigerators. Door sensors can be inside or outside, depending on the model.

Depending on the model, find the reset switch on your refrigerator. There should be a reset switch on your RV’s documentation.

Your RV needs to be powered off after you locate the switch. You should hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. This process will need to be repeated several times. Restart the RV after resetting the refrigerator.

Are Dometic RV refrigerators expensive?

RV fridges aren’t cheap to replace, so keep them well maintained. The smallest unit starts at about $1,000, and the biggest is about $6000. It can be difficult to replace one.

RV Refrigerator Life Expectancy? 

RV refrigerators usually last 10-18 years. After a few years, RV refrigerators are on your own. It’s important to take good care of Dometic RV fridges. Hire a professional to repair your refrigerator to save money and avoid large-scale replacements.

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