Effortless RV Living: Suggestions


Here are RV-life hacks.

1. Invest in an outdoor screen tent

We didn’t realise we needed an outside screen tent for a few years. We changed our minds due of the storage space and setup easiness. Outdoor screen tents may be put up fast without taking up much room. We can enjoy our tent in terrible weather. Tent side coverings protect wind and sun. These tents simplify motorhome touring.

2. Install a high pressure shower head

If you didn’t know, many campsites have low water pressure. Power showers need RV shower head upgrades. Popular are Oxygenics. These shower heads install quickly. Their high pressure and low water usage make them ideal for RVs. You may switch shower water on and off with a touch to save water. Regular RVers need showers.

3. Make Instant Pot dinners

An Instant Pot is great for on-the-go cooking. Using an Instant Pot may shorten cooking time. The cooker normally lets you regulate the temperature and multitask while food cooks. Multitasking lets you concentrate on different tasks. Delicious Instant Pot food saves time. Cooking efficiently doesn’t imply sacrificing quality. You may use cookbooks and websites to make Instant Pot recipes. You can keep your Instant Pot cold and dry outside your RV.

4. Install an RVLock keyless entry handle.

RV lockouts are irritating. RVLocks eliminate the need for keys to protect your property. Entering your code unlocks your RV. If you leave the home, you may enjoy a button lock. RVLock protects your RV. RVs have many locks. Someone’s camp key may open your RV. If you’re locked out, your RV or valuables aren’t safe. Switching to an RVLock substantially reduces RV theft.

5. Keep an RV fridge thermometer

RV refrigerators aren’t as temperature-friendly as domestic ones. Your fridge’s contents might be harmed if the temperature rises too high if they’re fickle about chilling. A thermometer in your RV fridge lets you check the temperature. Season and sun might affect your RV’s cooling settings. Some RVs include Bluetooth thermometers that warn of hazardous temperatures. These may cost more, but they’re cheaper than a new fridge.

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