Factory-fit RV heaters



There are many motorhomes available with factory-installed heating systems, including Alde and Trauma. Depending on the year, make, and model of the van, there will be a difference in what type of system it has. Generally speaking, a van with a system that is newer is more efficient than one with a system that is older. Winter time in vans is generally more comfortable than winter time in motorhomes due to the better insulation that they offer.

It is common to find combi systems in motorhomes, which combine hot water with heating. Most vans come with a control panel, however some vans have a separate control panel in which you are able to control the heating and hot water separately, and you can choose to control just one or both at the same time. There are many types of gas generators (propane, butane) and electricity generators (electricity) that can power these devices. Burning gas is a very efficient way to generate a lot of heat when you do not have access to electricity. The gas can also be used to heat an electric heater in the same way as it is used to heat a stove. Gas heaters (like caravan heaters) can be controlled by using a set of buttons or knobs that allow the temperature to be controlled. Despite the fact that these older systems are no longer being supported, there are still new versions of these systems available for purchase.

Can you tell me how much power my combi heater consumes?

It is important to know how much power your heating uses. A simple watts-to-amps calculator can be very helpful in this regard.

  • An electric heater whose power consumption is 1000 watts at 12 volts will consume an estimated 83 amps at the power source.
  • The power consumption of a 1000 watt system on 240 volts is approximately four amps

You don’t need to worry about anything! It is a good thing that our motorhome has a gas heater that works well when it is cold outside. It is heated by a blower located in the back of the van, which circulates warm air throughout. As a consequence, the entire room becomes heated as a result. In addition to free-standing gas heaters, you can also use them to heat your campervan. 

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