Factory-installed blower heaters



The heating system in motorhomes usually comes from the factory, such as an Alde or Trauma system. Vans come with different types of systems depending on the year, model, or make. Vans with newer systems tend to be much more efficient than those with older systems. When traveling in your motorhome during the winter, vans are often much better insulated than motorhomes.

One of the most common motorhome systems is the combi system, which combines heating and hot water. It is usually possible to control the heating and hot water from the van’s control panel, and you can select just heating or just hot water. A gas (propane or butane) or electricity (electricity) generator usually powers these devices. The heat generated by burning gas is undeniable, especially if you have a low electricity supply. A heater that is connected to electricity can also be heated with gas. Gas heaters (such as caravan heaters) have buttons or knobs for controlling the heat. In spite of the fact that these systems are older, there are still new versions on the market.

My combi heater consumes how much power?

Use a handy watts-to-amps calculator to figure out how much power your heating uses.

  • Using a 1000 watt 12v heating system will consume about 83 amps
  • A 1000w system on 240v consumes approximately four amps

Can gas heaters be found in motorhomes and campers?

It’s no problem at all! Gas heating is installed in our motorhome and works well. A blower circulates warm air throughout the van through ducts and vents. As a result, the entire space is heated. Free-standing gas heaters can also be used to heat your campervan. 


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