Flying under the radar – is it worth it?



In spite of the fact that zoning regulations prohibit camping in backyards or those of friends or family members, many people still choose to do it. When you need to move on short notice, it is essential to keep your recreational vehicle’s tag up-to-date.


Generally, most people will mind their own business and leave you alone if you keep a low profile. It is possible to park your RV behind a fence behind which power, water, and sewage lines are already installed without anyone noticing that the lines are connected to a camper.


When you need permits for sewer lines or other connections on your lot, you will face more problems and questions. Those officials will most likely only allow such permits because you intend to build a permanent home. If you need extensions when the allotment expires, you can take advantage of the time you have been given to build.


Sporadically improving your RV may allow you to extend your living space for several years. People are more likely to give you a pass if you explain that you are unable to afford rapid improvements.


While this method may work for a short period of time, it is better to search and search until you locate a property that allows RV living so that you can park your camper without having to worry about being watched.

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