Great home base for full time Rving


Most full-time RVers settle in one of three states. Look into these top selections and talk about why they’re so well-liked.


Most full-time RVers spend the colder months in Florida, where they may take care of business relating to their home state. Further, there is no state income tax in Florida, and homeschooling regulations are lenient from the perspective of the state’s umbrella schools. With proof of Florida residence, you may avoid having your car inspected and get access to resident discounts at a number of attractions and cruises. Affordability of insurance is also an advantage.


The presence of so many people in the state throughout the winter months makes it an ideal location for doing serious business. Insurance premiums are inexpensive, and there is no state income tax. It is the state with the most accommodating homeschooling regulations. You may put off getting your car inspected if you’ll be out of Texas at the time it’s due for an inspection and plan to return there at a later date.


South Dakota is the last state on the list. Not many individuals make an annual pilgrimage to South Dakota for the weather or sights, but many do so in order to take advantage of the state’s perks as a place of residence. There are fewer restrictions on homeschooling in South Dakota, because there are no taxes on income, inheritance, or personal property. No car inspections are needed, and registration costs are low.

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