Have you ever driven a motorhome?


We have to follow the rules whatever we’re doing, whether we’re riding our Brompton bikes to work or driving our motorhome to the Lake District. How do those rules work? Before you set off on a motorhome trip, here are the ones you need to know.

You’ll be able to drive what kind of vehicle when you pass your driving test.

Those who passed their test before 1 January 1997 will have category C1 entitlement. The maximum weight of a vehicle you can drive is 7.5 tonnes. A 7.5-tonne vehicle will also need C1+E towing authorization, which means you can tow a 750kg trailer behind it. 

You can drive pretty much anything with the C1 entitlement, even the biggest RV-style motorhomes in the US.

Driving a vehicle up to 3.5 tons (and towing a trailer up to 750 kg) is only allowed for drivers who passed their tests after 1 January 1997. Taking lessons and passing a driving test will be needed if you want to drive anything heavier.

Once a driver reaches 70, they must renew their license and then pass a medical exam before they can drive a C1-rated vehicle. To avoid this, just fill out form D2 and get a written statement from your doctor saying you’re healthy and fit enough to drive a vehicle like that.

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