How can I select the best clips for my RV awning?



‍‍‍‍The RV awning clips are available at several hardware stores and RV stores. It is fairly common to find RV accessories like these.  If you have an RV, how do you choose the best one? 

Camco Valance Clips

Camco designed these clips not only to hold lights up but also for providing consistent, bright light outside for parties at night. Amazon customers provide positive feedback about their ease of installation and 4-star rating.

Klippy Klips

These Klippy Klips feature an innovative design and stainless steel springs, which make them a bit different. The reviews on Camper World indicate a good performance and easy installation. In weather conditions such as rain and cold that do not rust stainless steel, stainless steel springs will not wear out as quickly.

Camco Awning Hanger Clips

Clips like these are more useful when they are used for holding clothes rather than valances. An additional feature of clips is that a joint allows them to be raised and lowered at their centre.

Camping World Awning Hooks

Nylon is cheaper than metal, so they are a little cheaper. The centre of a metal ring can be used to secure lightweight and heavy items. Awning clips made of nylon are more flexible and can be folded or rolled back into the awning without the need to remove them.

RV Designer Awning Clips

It’s similar to Camping World hooks, but cheaper. The hooks are zinc plated PVC. Attached to the RV awning roll bar, they are simple and easy to install. Attached to the RV awning roll bar, they are simple and easy to install.

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