How can RV gas mileage be improved?



RV life is all about traveling across the country and experiencing new adventures. Although RVs are relatively fuel-efficient, they are not very economical. If you take into account the budget and the current gas price, you may be able to improve the gas mileage of your RV when planning a trip.

Improve your aerodynamic

A camper with a sign that reads “danger” and various pieces of luggage on the roof rack.

Even though keeping cargo on the roof is a sensible idea, it has a negative impact on the RV’s aerodynamic performance. Keeping extra items on the roof of your RV will allow you to save space inside. It is also important to note that hauling cargo on your roof will decrease the fuel efficiency of your RV in addition to increasing drag. It is possible for a blunt rooftop cargo box to reduce your fuel economy by as much as 25%. A rear-mount cargo box or leaving the extra gear at home will improve fuel economy significantly.

Set Ahead of time your route

By planning your route ahead of time, you will be able to choose the most fuel-efficient route. In addition, RV fuel economy can be improved by planning your route in advance and avoiding heavy traffic. By planning your route in advance, you will avoid getting lost or wandering needlessly, which can lead to fuel waste. Using apps like RV LIFE Trip Wizard, you can locate RV-friendly gas stations to ensure that you take the safest and most efficient route.

Minimize your idling

Fuel is consumed when the engine is idle, but it is less than when it is running. It is estimated that idling consumes half a gallon of fuel per hour. If your RV is stationary for more than a few minutes, you should turn off the engine. It is much more efficient to shut down the engine rather than leave it idling for ten seconds rather than restart it.

Don’t drive on bad roads

Due to poor roads, your RV must work harder, increasing its gas consumption. To maximize your fuel efficiency, stick to newer, better-maintained roads whenever possible. The RV LIFE Trip Wizard or Google Street View are useful tools for assessing the quality of the road. Consider the states that you will pass through during your travels. The worst roads are located in Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and California, while the best roads are found in Kansas, Alabama, and North Dakota.

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