How Come RV Interiors Are Brown?



It is common for RV interiors to be covered in shades of brown with no signs of color. In order to understand why this happens, we need to look at several complex factors. In addition to these, there are the following:

  • According to research, RV buyers are mostly older than 55 years old. Perhaps manufacturers have less than ideal eyesight and don’t feel a need to improve them.
  • With a neutral palette, wood detailing combines with the great outdoors.
  • RV interior designers often refuse to replace fabric swatches from 1970 even if they are still in good condition.
  • Older conservative buyers are more concerned with aesthetics
  • They are hiding dirt behind them.

Drab brown interiors are common in RV catalogs because they tend to conceal dirt and dust from the road, muddy footprints, and dirty hands.

What’s so boring about RV design?

It is hard to ignore the drab brown color scheme that so many RV designs struggle to break free of in addition to the classic swooshes, sweeps, and stripes that decorate the exteriors of these classic adventure mobiles. A swoosh-inspired RV design from the 1980s is another iconic RV design that is hard to explain entirely. According to one theory, the RVs were designed to prevent birds from colliding with their exteriors. However, there is no basis for this theory.

Despite being a valuable investment that is inevitably associated with a high level of disposable income, RVs don’t inspire the same type of confidence as Corvettes do. A sweeping swoop or undulating stripes were added to RVs in the early days to give them a streamlined appearance. Here’s a combination of speed and adventure!

The only Winnebago without a swoosh I can think of is the classic Airstream. Retro buyers are returning to sweeping waves after designers opted for a more modern look in the 2000s.

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