How Do I Build a Vertical RV Kayak Rack?


Due to the convenience of storing their kayaks in the trunk of their cars, the majority of RVers use vertical kayak racks.

1.Build a Platform Base First

The first stage of creating your vertical kayak rack is building the platform foundation. A platform that is weld to the dimensions of your RV is required for your RV and your kayak(s). If you want to transfer many kayaks, be sure there is adequate space on the platform. The base should ideally have perforations cut into it to suit the tail of your kayak. Kayaks are transported with good security within the platform base.

2. Mount Rails for Kayak Securing

Having constructed the rack with mount rails, the kayaks may then be securely fastened. Be careful to put the bottom and top rails on your kayaks. Make careful to measure your kayaks first so you can calculate the height of the rails if you choose to place rails on them.

3. Include Securing Tie-Downs

To guarantee that the kayaks are completely safe, you may tie-down them. You may choose tie-downs according to your preferences, but be sure to first test them for quality. I advise going with a tie-down kit if you don’t already have one. Since the straps are mostly used to attach the kayaks, I prefer to have the extra equipment available when I travel in my RV. When it comes to kayaks and other camping equipment, it is always a good idea to have extra security choices.


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