How do I find dispersed camping in Utah?



Some of these places can be seen from a distance as they are located at high altitudes.

Cedar City Petroglyphs Dispersed Camping

Pioneers and explorers left petroglyphs and other marks as a way of studying history. Desert terrain even contains dinosaur tracks. Sheep graze nearby. Just north of Cedar City, this area is just off Interstate 15. Numerous dirt roads lead to wide-open sites.

Camping in Green River off the Wild Horse Road

Since there is no cell service here, you can unplug from your phone. Or simply sit and enjoy a sunset while exploring stunning slot canyons. In addition to Wild Horse Canyon, Goblin Valley is also worth a visit. The San Rafael Swell is one geological feature near these sites.

Crescent Junction BLM 144 Dispersed Camping

Arches National Park is just a short drive away. Boondocking has the advantage of being quiet. Beware of cows and cactus thorns when scouting. Sunsets and sunrises are everywhere. Interstate 70 is also nearby, making this site convenient.

Dispersed camping along the Zion Scenic Byway

Enjoy some privacy in this large space. Zion National Park is only 15 minutes from your hotel. Several sections lack pavement and are rough. For scouting, you may need your tow vehicle. There is a big rock fire pit nearby.

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