How do I sell my RV?



Whether you are selling your retired RV, upgrading to a more powerful rig, or downsizing to a smaller RV, selling an RV can be stressful. Most likely, you want to sell your assets as quickly and easily as possible while getting the best price. It is common for vehicles to depreciate quickly, and depreciation can be high when it happens. How can you sell your RV effectively? When selling your RV, you should consider the following factors.

Online private RV sales

Online listings are available for selling RVs privately. The platform allows you to advertise, manage exhibits, and set prices. Several online platforms are available for promoting an RV for sale. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace both offer free listings. It is also possible to reach more people in your town or city by joining local garage sale Facebook groups. Photos, a description, and a price are all required for a Facebook listing.

Trading in or selling your RV

RVs can also be sold through dealerships. When you buy a new rig, this option might make sense after you sell your old one. So that you don’t have to deal with two transactions at the same time, the same person handles both your selling and buying paperwork.

Consignment of RVs

RV consignment offers the benefits of both private and dealer markets for selling your RV. As the owner, you remain in control of a consigned RV after it has been sold by a third party on your behalf. Camping World is a great place to consign your RV when you decide to consign it. 


Selling an RV on consignment has several benefits. It is often possible for the dealer to help you prepare the rig for sale. Cleaning and maintenance can be handled by them. As soon as the rig is ready for operation, professional photography and advertising are handled.

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