How Do You Choose the Right RV?



When you start looking for RVs, you’ll first notice that there are many types to choose from. Below are the different types of RVs available:

  • RVs are drivable vehicles with accommodations that offer kitchens, sleeping areas, bathrooms, sofas, dining rooms, and more. These are great for those who want to combine their vehicle and caravan. They are perfect for driving long distances and are easy to spend the night. However, motorhomes are the most expensive type of RV due to the combination of living space and vehicle/motor.
  • Travel trailers are living spaces in a trailer frame. They include homes that offer sleeping areas, a kitchen, a bathroom, air conditioning and heating, a refrigerator, storage, and more. Travel trailers are less expensive than motor homes because they do not have an engine and must be towed.
  • Pop-up campers are a combination of a tent and a travel trailer. They are the least expensive motorhome and the easiest to store and tow. They usually have two beds, a small kitchen with cabinets, a small refrigerator, and a heater. A pop-up RV can also include an air conditioning unit, a small bathroom, and a third slider bed. They can be easily towed by almost any vehicle with towing capacity and stored in a backyard or driveway.
  • Hybrid travel trailers fall somewhere between a pop-up camper and a rigid travel trailer. They are equipped with a queen-size bed that slides out the front. The hybrid is less expensive, lighter and shorter than a regular travel trailer. They are also much lighter and easier to tow.
  • Micro Campers are built on a 4×8 or smaller trailer frame. They are intended for people traveling alone or couples and can accommodate 1 or 2 people maximum. Most micro campers have a bed, a refrigerator, electrical hookups, and a heater. Some may have a kitchen and an air conditioning unit.
  • Bed-truck RVs, also known as cab-overs or slide-ins, are popular in some regions of the country, but less common than travel trailers. These caravans can be mounted on a vehicle and easily removed. They include a sleeping area, bathrooms, air conditioning, kitchen, stoves and oven. Motorhomes are ideal for up to two people who travel a lot.
  • 5-wheeler caravans are the largest and most luxurious caravans due to the way they are towed. They have a gooseneck at the front that goes over the top of the truck bed and attaches to the center of the bed. Fifth wheel motorhomes are designed for two people with additional beds for guests. These are perfect for couples looking for a fun weekend getaway or traveling across the country.

Choosing the perfect RV for you and your family is about knowing yourself, what you like to do, what kind of camping you like, and what makes you happy.

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