How do you handle cold weather RVing?


Consider how you will be using your RV when determining the features you need for cold weather. It is unlikely that you will require nearly as much cold weather protection as a full-time RV dweller in a place where the temperature remains below freezing for multiple days when you intend to primarily camp during warm weather but just want to be prepared for the occasional fall camping trip or chilly night.

Those in winter-prone climates will want to take every precaution they can, and may need to make some additional preparations for winter as well.

Taking into account your frequency of travel in cold weather is another significant consideration. You can protect your camper from the elements if you plan to stay in one place throughout the winter.  It may be beneficial to consider an RV that does not require extensive preparation when it comes to cold weather if you plan to move frequently.

You can weigh the cost and benefits of buying an RV that can withstand freezing temperatures by considering the effect freezing temperatures may have on your RVing experience.

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