How do you treat fleas on your RV and pets?


The steps you need to take when you discover fleas on your cat or dog are as follows. You and your pet can prevent flea infestations by following these tips. It will be a nightmare if you wait until fleas bite you before treating your RV.

  • You should never use a flea shampoo, collar, or preventative medication intended for a wildlife species other than what is listed on the label. A cat flea product is unlikely to be adequate or beneficial for a dog, while a dog flea product is fatally toxic to cats.
  • All pet bedding should be washed in warm water. Wash your bedding in warm water if your dog sleeps on it. Then, use a dryer to dry everything.
  • Clean the floor, carpets, and upholstery with a vacuum. Ensure that you are thorough. Make sure you get into every crack, crevice, and underneath every cushion.
  • Use a six-month flea spray on furniture, bedrooms, and floors to kill flea eggs, larvae, and adults. Your pet should not be sprayed with this!
  • Using a flea shampoo, wash your pet as follows:
    • To prevent fleas from taking refuge on your pet’s rear end while bathing other areas, lather around the base of their ears, around their toes, and around their rear ends.
    • Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when bathing your pet’s remaining areas.
    • After rinsing, dry thoroughly. If there are any fleas that escaped from the coat, check it as you do.

Consult a pest control company with experience in removing fleas from RVs if your RV has a really bad flea infestation.

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