How does the cheap heat system work?



Your RV’s furnace system is compatible with Cheap Heat, an add-on accessory. Installs directly downstream of the existing propane furnace and works with either 120 or 240-volt AC systems. In the RV, heated air is distributed throughout the distribution ducts using tungsten heating coils and the furnace’s 12-volt DC fan. There are three types of Cheap Heat systems: 1,800 Watts, 3,750 Watts, and 5,000 Watts. When the outside temperature drops to 10°F, your RV will be heated to a toasty 70°F.


The safety features of cheap heat

In addition to the bi-metal high-limit safety switch wired into the coil assembly, RV Comfort Systems president Larry Mcgaugh explains that a fusible link within the heater coils burns itself out if they are overheated. As soon as the fusible link burns out, the heater will shut down completely, thus preventing the ignition of potentially catastrophic fires. After the problem that caused the fusible link to burn out is fixed, you can easily replace it for about $15. A seamless power irregularity handling system was also designed into the controller.


You should know the following:

RVs with direct-flow or ducted heating systems will work with Cheap Heat. You’ll need to know the year, make, and model of your RV, as well as the heater model it has, and then refer to the compatibility chart provided by the company to figure out which unit you need.


Likewise, it is not recommended that you install a Cheap Heat System yourself but rather have a certified RV technician handle it for you. To make this as convenient as possible, RV Comfort Systems recommends hiring an RV dealer who offers Cheap Heat Systems for installation.

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